Familiar Fragments

We’ve been playing with more ideas related to flow of particles through the space of a game, which is one of Kris’s areas of keen interest as a programmer. At the moment, LIBRARY is inhabited mostly by floating clouds of dust that get in your way and are hazardous to travel through, but we’re investigating other angles on clouds and streams of particles as well: things the player might look for, or which could affect their exploration through the library in other ways. Here’s what some of those particles might look like, as a first draft:

This is a 10×10 sheet of 100 different shapes; to think about what these might look like in LIBRARY, you have to imagine them swirling around each other. (Or you could wait until Kris and Josh implement them into the game.) Looking at them spread out in a grid, however, you might notice some familiar forms; these shapes were created by slicing up letters, usually with just one cut across an aesthetically interesting axis. “Broken letters” seemed like a natural fit in a world made of meanings, words, and books; these might be the subatomic particles of our game, the pieces that are too fragmentary to have meaning. What might happen if you stumble into a cloud, a lake, a stream chaotically teeming with letters-that-once-were, or letters-that-might-be? I guess we’ll find out.

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