Deprecated: the Cutting Room Floor of Game Development

We’ve recently made some significant changes to LIBRARY and realized that it’s around time we clean up our virtual workspace. After nearly a year of iterating, pruning, trying something completely different, picking up previously discarded ideas, and initiating new experiments, we have a lot of bits and pieces of code and gameplay that aren’t in use. We might come back to them at some point, or use their presence in our accumulated code as raw material for a completely different feature. In the meantime, we’re sweeping up our cutting room floor and putting things away. Among other things, Eric has just finished streamlining all the variables that we weren’t using, and the look and feel of our LIBRARY has gotten noticeably cleaner and less clutered: the virtual world we’re generating mirroring the reduction of chaos in our code and configurations.

Although we’ll probably post some more images of what our rough-hewn virtual library looks like in days to come, for today we thought it might be nice to show the raw sweepings, the deprecated configuration variables that have piled up over the months. These are the knobs and levers that we’ve been tweaking in order to control various elements of the experience. Because our game is highly procedural, with maps, behaviors and clouds of interrelated meaning arising from algorithms and processes, we don’t have anything like traditional “level design,” just lots of different data-sets. These are the pieces of data that we’re no longer using; glancing back through their names is an archaeological glimpse into many of the ideas we’ve experimented with. Take a look and keep in mind: these are the things that no longer exist.

One thought on “Deprecated: the Cutting Room Floor of Game Development

  1. Emma says:

    I love the idea of a game set in a library.

    Have you heard of this ?

    I’m guessing yes but on the off chance you haven’t…

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