Turning a corner

In an attempt to hammer out the basic game structures, we held a number of intensive game design sessions recently. The result is what feels like a big deal – we have turned a major corner on our game design.

The image above is the first page of a multi-page game design schematic that outlines the new game design, as a series of diagrammatic storyboards. The new game design direction takes the previous procedural puzzle game, in which the player is sorting words into their proper rooms, and adds a new layer of interaction by letting the player actually make meaning in the library.

There are many new concepts at work here, including “blocks” that the player can “label” in order to create energy and open up new rooms to explore. Too much to detail here. Hopefully the picture above is worth at least several hundred words.

I’m not sure how this looks from the outside. From the inside, we’re excited.

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