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Polygon.com recently published an article about the Brooklyn Game Ensemble and our library project. All I can say is kudos to writer Marcus Beard for being able to squeeze an entire feature out of the somewhat incoherent babblings of Naomi and myself during our interview with him several weeks ago. Our overeager enthusiasm about the ideas behind the game, combined with the fact that we didn’t have a prototype to show him, must have made Marcus’ work particularly challenging.

But the article makes a good read, as Marcus takes a look at the theory behind the project, relevant titles that Naomi and I have worked on, and aspects of our process that are moving the game forward (or perhaps doing just the opposite, as “iteration fetishism” implies).

Since the interview took place, we have actually made leaps and bounds in making the game more playable, more coherent, and more of a finished design. But more about that in our next post.


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