NAOMI CLARK is a long-time game designer, producer and writer. She has created downloadable games, games for the web and mobile devices, and games on social networks, and works as a freelance creative director, usually on multiple projects at once.

JOSHUA DEBONIS is an independent game designer and programmer with a passion for creating games in code and on paper. Current projects include an historical role-playing game about the Lewis and Clark expedition and a board game about zombie monkeys.

MICHAEL HANSEN is a web developer moonlighting as a independent games developer. He is most interested in promoting developer happiness through code habitability, and designing tools which lower the barrier to entry to game development.

NATHALIE POZZI is an architect whose work includes traditional building construction as well as art installations for festivals and museums. Recent work includes large-scale physical games created with Eric Zimmerman for the “Arcade” event at the Museum of Modern art.

KRISTOFER SCHLACHTER is a coder with an unusually strong interest in procedural generation of digital spaces. He has worked with most of the NYC indie game studios at one point or another and recently joined Ken Perlin’s team at NYU.

ERIC ZIMMERMAN is a veteran game designer and professor at the NYU Game Center. He co-founded Gamelab and the Institute of Play, has written books like Rules of Play on game design, and has created dozens of games on and off the computer.

And yes, we all live in Brooklyn.